Monday, March 31, 2014

Honeymoons Spots That are Perfect for Newlyweds

Every newlywed wants to get a perfect honeymoon. Of course the choice of honeymoon spots that they choose is an essential thing to determine whether your honeymoon trip will be perfect or not. So, have you decided the place to go? Since honeymoon is a big trip, you have to make sure that everything is planned well. We have several tips for you to get the perfect honeymoon spots.

Get affordable honeymoon spots

Well, many people spend a lot of money in their honeymoon. If you are smart, you may have to think twice before you throw your money away just for a honeymoon trip. One of the things you can do to lower your honeymoon budget is to find the cheap honeymoon spots. There are many places where you can enjoy a perfect romantic honeymoon at affordable price, especially if you go outside the Euro zone. Go to Africa, Caribbean or Asia. The places have hundred options of resorts that are perfect for holidays and honeymoon. It is a great idea to spend honeymoon at a place that has different atmosphere from our environment.

Check your calendar out

Yes, it is important to find the right time to go. The living cost in some places can be higher depending on the time when you go there. Also, the travel agency also tends to charge you higher price for the honeymoon packages if you go at the peak of holiday season. It is also better to start your trip during the week days instead of weekends. Since you can get cheaper ticket for your trip, if it is possible, it is better to avoid the peak vacation season. The living cost during vacation season is mostly higher. Besides, you may not able to find a good spot to stay. I can say that a honeymoon in a place full of crowd is a big no no.

Check special honeymoon packages

Some people prefer to go honeymoon without the help of travel agent. However, sometimes it is worth to check the holiday packages offered by travel agents. Sometimes they can give you upgrades. Another advantage of joining honeymoon packaged is that you do not need to think about tourism destinations, insurance, place to stay and other stuff that may ruin your honeymoon.
So, it is the time for you to do a small research. Browse around to find the best honeymoon spots. Find a best place to go and enjoy your honeymoon.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations worth Looking

One of the most important things a couple must do after their wedding is going to the honeymoon spot to enjoy their romantic time as a newlywed. However, it this tight money era, it is not a secret that anyone is looking for affordable honeymoon destinations. Well, luckily we are living in this modern era when we can access information instantly. Now you can find information about affordable honeymoon destinations just by using the tips of your finger. We also have some recommended honeymoon destination that won’t rip off your saving account.
The first rule in finding the best affordable honeymoon destinations is to go to the places that have best exchange rate. You may do not want to go to the Europe since the exchange rate can be higher that you budget. You can go to the places outside the Euro zone. Some of them area:

Southeast Asian Countries

For you who love to spend your honeymoon at Tropical Island at affordable budget, Southeast Asian countries offer you tons of affordable honeymoon destinations to go. Indonesia, the largest Southeast Asian countries has hundreds of romantic spots to go. You can go to the iconic Bali and enjoy its wonderful beaches that blend with the traditional Hinduism atmosphere. Another recommended spot for holiday is Thailand. Thailand is also has a lot of beautiful beaches that are perfect for your tropical honeymoon. If you want to go to Southeast Asian countries, there are many travel agencies that offer you complete travel packages. A plus side of choosing tropical Southeast Asian countries as a place for your honeymoon is that the living cost in those areas is affordable and you can enjoy a perfect honeymoon in low budget. 
Caribbean Island

If you want to enjoy tropical atmosphere in other part of the world, you can go to Caribbean. There are many wonderful affordable honeymoon destinations that you can select. A popular honeymoon destination is Jamaica. This Caribbean country offers you many beaches with wonderful scenery. Enjoy the truly exotic Caribbean culture there. It is not a difficult thing to find honeymoon resort in Caribbean. You can select the honeymoon resort that is suitable with your budget. You may need to do a little research on the travel agency that offers you the Caribbean honeymoon packages. It is better to choose the time to go there not in its peak holiday season. 
African Countries

Have you ever thought about a safari for you honeymoon. Well, it is not a bad idea. You can enjoy the adventurous honeymoon that you may never find at other places. Those are some ideas of affordable honeymoon destinations for you.

Find Best Honeymoon Destinations

Are you looking for best honeymoon destinations? Well, people will mostly think about the honeymoon destination when they decide to get married. So, what comes in your mind when you are thinking about the best honeymoon destinations? Some people may imagine a tropical island with its exotic culture; some others may imagine a mystical snowy place. Well, no matter which side you are in, the most important thing is that you can find a romantic place to enjoy your honeymoon with your house or wife. Actually there are many places all over the world that can be the best honeymoon destinations. So, here are several tips for you to find them:

Get inspirations from movies

Well, who does not like to watch romantic movies? It seems that most women in the world love to watch romantic movies. You can get ideas of the beautiful and romantic places for honeymoon from movies. If you think that the romantic spots appear on the movies are expensive, you can check other places that offer your similar atmosphere.

Match the honeymoon spot with the season

When will you go to the honeymoon spot? It is an important question to consider. Some places are the best at particular season such as in summer, winter, spring or autumn. Snowy mountains are perfect for winter time while the sunny tropical beach areas are the best in summer. So, check which time of the year that will be the best time to go to the honeymoon spot that you have chosen.

Find special travel offers from your favorite travel agent

Some couples still do not where to spend their honeymoon. If you want to spend honeymoon in a recommended romantic place, you can ask your favorite travel agent. Reliable travel agent should know wonderful spots in the world that can be called as the best honeymoon destinations. It is even better if the travel agent has special honeymoon package since it means that you can find a perfect honeymoon place at best price.

Ask your friends

Well, it seems like a cliché. However, it may work. Go ask your friend about recommended honeymoon destinations. I personally think that the advice from friends who actually have ever been in the places in person is more reliable than the travel agency recommendation.
Those are some tips that may help you to find the best honeymoon destinations. Plan your trip and enjoy the romantic and memorable honeymoon.